Chellypic, an introduction.

Welcome to my Blog! How many times have you heard that line?

I would prefer that you call me Rachelle but for the sake of the name, Chellypic will remain!

I started taking photos back in 2011 after years of taking my mother’s digital camera and taking photos of anything that walked. Those things that walked requested the photos I took of them until the day that it clicked.

I brought a $300 dollar camera from Sears. Yes, Sears. That is where it started. That camera got me in the door of banquet halls, and gatherings, family homes, and celebrations. You are telling me I can capture moments of friends and families having fun and get paid for it? Life.

This has lead to a career unimagined. COVID-19 allowed me to rediscover my passions and go to my business. Yes, my business. It feels so good to think it.

‘This is just the beginning’ one of my favorite sayings. Thank you for coming and sharing this space with me. Let’s create.

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