Happy 11th Chellypic! πŸŽ‚

11 years of Chellypic Photography 🎁

I love this time of year when I celebrate the growth of Chellypic. From a girl eager to bring her mom’s digital camera snapping photos of everyone and everything which led to a business that I am most proud of. Being an entrepreneur is not for the weak. It has taught me countless lessons and continues to school me. The places I’ve been, the experiences I’ve witnessed, and the people I have met have made it all worth it. πŸ–€

I thank God for trusting me with the mantle of entrepreneurship and being able to reach people through this work. I will never forget that small voice saying “What do you have in your hand” when I was jobless during the pandemic unsure how to navigate.Β 

I thank everyone who has invested in my business in any way: a client, referral, share, like, or follow. You have helped me build this business and continue to keep Chellypic moving. Thank you.

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