Happy 11th Chellypic! πŸŽ‚

11 years of Chellypic Photography 🎁 I love this time of year when I celebrate the growth of Chellypic. From a girl eager to bring her mom’s digital camera snapping photos of everyone and everything which led to a business that I am most proud of. Being an entrepreneur is not for the weak. ItContinue reading “Happy 11th Chellypic! πŸŽ‚”

Chellypic Photography recieved a grant!

I’m excited to officially announce that Chellypic Photography has received a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council! πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ”₯ I want to thank the Massachusetts Cultural Council for its continued investment in the arts throughout Massachusetts. It was an honor to serve on the Massachusetts Cultural council. I continue to benefit from their promise to ensureContinue reading “Chellypic Photography recieved a grant!”

Chellypic Photography Featured in Discovery Magazine Issue #70

This fall, Chellypic Photography was featured in our first magazine, Discovery. This photo was taken in Boston, more specifically RosindaleI am always down for a fun collaboration. The band had the ideas for the concept and I followed through. It was organic and appreciated. Thank you Move BHC for trusting me enough to carry outContinue reading “Chellypic Photography Featured in Discovery Magazine Issue #70”

Client Highlight – JaQueda Jefferson

Recently, I was able to take photos for JaQueda Jefferson who is my Sister in Faith. She recently wrote and released her first book called “Relentless Fate” I had to write a blog post because these photos that were produced are FLAMES YALL JaQueda is a licensed Social Worker who is also certified in trauma-informedContinue reading “Client Highlight – JaQueda Jefferson”